Modern tendencies toward "all in one" cases don't apply for this iPhone case. It is rarely created to perform a single task - gently protect your new iPhone 6[S] / Plus. Minimalism in design, elegancy in appearance and a pleasant sense of touch are the strong sides of this beautiful case made of felt and leather. "Acquire and use in pleasure. Without programmed obsolescence. Beyond routine."

  • Front-side of premium natural leather for aesthetic wear
  • Back-side of antistatic wool felt for cosy touch
  • Tight grip for great iPhone fit and protection
  • Timeless materials united with minimal design for elegant appearance

Essential handbook before you buy

  1. Color Variation in Anilines
    • Leather is a multi-fibrous material, and it's thickness varies which causes absorption of chemicals to differ within and amongst hides.
    • Color is a reflection of light, which permits some leather that appears to be the same to look very different under different light sources.
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