About Us


An expanding online leather bags’ studio. The Cobbleroad is a singular adaptation of fine Leather and Italian wool, each known for Durability and Feel while exemplifying luxurious fashion. Distinctively technical designs at their compact best - from your vacation wardrobe to a newspaper, from a laptop to a passport - a true neatness in the Art of Inclusion. The Cobbleroad has been established with the idea of revolutionizing the way people carry their belongings. Our motto is qualitative finesse in purpose.

Every stitch every cutting every design is carried out in our New Delhi Studio – yes that’s our lucky city !! Liked by people up till the corners of this small world, we at The Cobbleroad, act with honesty and humility and learn from our experiences with respect. Our people are our brand ambassadors and we thank them for each of those days on which they step out proud with our products. The Cobbleroad thrives on your love and desire to steal our products – someday we will leave our first showroom open for you post midnight – keep it all and make love all night long!!

We put a lot into our designs and cherish each design that is superseded by next to bring you yet another level of finesse. Your feedback is our chance at becoming your favorite brand – never hesitate to complain – do hesitate if at all but once to abuse us – hence what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

We sincerely appreciate your persistent support in making us one of the most loved genuine leather fashion giants


In use since mankind learnt to hunt – Leather has not only saved the cavemen from evolving into us but also made the celebrities look more glamorous. In form of bags, water sacs or clothing, leather has turned out to be the finest life support means in early times and gradually, epitomized fashion in modern era – of course next to embroidery.


Laptop Bags/Satchels/Sleeves
This section defines the shape quotient with simplicity of look and feel. Suede-effect within that keeps surfaces scratchless, especially macbooks’ – sharp periphery that re-affirms your style statement and differentiates your daily walk to office.

Travel Bag/Luxury Bag
You don’t need to have a private jet if you have one of these – designed for uber cool to visit those pristine locations – the travel section is a treat to fashion – 5 different designs each unique to simplicity luxury geometry bourgeois and tradition. Beware you might just get addicted to vacation packing.

iPad Sleeve/Case
Fancy seeing the sleek and curvy iPads – smooth edges and fine surface texture – we just designed equally great fashion for it – iPad section, very much probable to say, might set the Milan Fashion week on fire if iPads could walk – and we mean it in every stitch !

Because your hard earned money deserves equal respect – and your documented identities/reports are as much important. Incredible it may sound, Luxury can be pocketed – Tell them!