Payment mechanisms

You can pay by credit/debit card, net banking
We don’t support credit cards issued by an issuer outside India but after 3 months from date the website got live(4/03/2014)
irstly, please note that this is a rare occurrence. But in case it happens, you'll receive an email which would confirm if your payment has been taken. We ensure that the refund process will start within 4 hours however it might take a week for the amount to get credited in your account depending on the time taken by the bank. Please feel free to call us in case of any further clarifications. Rest assured, we will chase it down and ensure that you get your money back.
We do not need your billing address but the card issuing banks do. They need this information to fight credit-card fraud. So please do your bit to help and provide us this information and we'll pass it on to the banks.
Let us be VERY CLEAR here - we DO NOT store credit card information. All the information is passed to the banks thru secure connections.
Yes they are. We are PCI compliant and use military grade encryption to communicate your information with the banks.
We do not support paypal or credit cards issued outside India currently.
We do not support AMEX or JCB cards yet